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Corry On Regardless

by | 29th, April 2005

‘ENGLAND’S ruby players are tossing the captain’s armband around like they once moved the ball.

Mask ban flies in the face of reason

And now that Jason Robinson’s succumbed to an injured thumb, it’s the turn of Martin Corry to prove that he’s got what it takes to make England a winning team again.

So, as the Telegraph reports, it’s the big England No.8 who’ll lead out his country’s beleaguered troops as they take on Scotland this weekend.

And Martin Johnson, the man who led England to the World Cup in a match sometime back in the dim and receding past, thinks Corry is up to the challenge.

“I’m sure Cozza will handle it fantastically well,” says Johnson. “He’s a top man, just the sort you need in a tight situation.”

And England, with no points from three matches played in this season’s Six Nations are in the merciless grip of an awful slump in form and fortune.

While England attempt to go back to the future with their third captain since Johnson hung up his studs, Manchester United fans plan their own trip down memory lane.

The Independent says that to mark the tenth anniversary since Eric Cantona kung-fu kicked Crystal Palace fan Matthew Simmons, United’s travelling support will wear Cantona masks at Sellhurst Park.

And this is in the face of a ban on them doing so. Palace have said that anyone wearing the face will be refused entry, and anyone pulling one on once inside the ground will be ejected on safety grounds.

But surely this is an overreaction. And, in any case, the Indy says many United fans still plan to wear the mask.

And we say, why not? If it helps them enjoy this match in these increasingly sanitised times – when a manager putting his finger over his lips is the root of all evil – then let them.

And, as for safety issues… Well, are we to believe that in wearing the mask, these fans will start to act like the former French star and begin an impromptu martial arts demonstration on the locals?

If so, then perhaps they’ll even stay playing like their hero. In which case, let Phil Neville wear one as well…’

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