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by | 4th, March 2005

‘TALKING of risky juxtapositions, we draw your attention to two other stories in the Sun.

For the last time, stop playing with your implants

On page 19, we find the curious headline: “Pigs grow our breast”. Whose, breast is that, then? The Sun’s?

No, of course not. Instead, it turns out that women will soon be able to have their breasts reconstructed “using tissue grown inside PIGS”.

On a previous spread, the paper splashes on Jade Goody. (That’s a newspaper term, by the way, and isn’t as bad as it sounds – although in this particular case, it is pretty awful.)

For there, in all their 36DD glory, are Jade’s new “bay-bees”, as the paper comically refers to Ms Goody’s fun-bags.

Readers with long memories – or even long mammaries (get on with it – Ed) – will recall that in Jade’s Big Brother days, she was unkindly known as “The Pig”.

Of course, there is no danger of any embarrassing confusion between the two stories. The porcine transplant report states clearly that the donor tissue “grows to the size of a tennis ball”.

Barely enough for the cherry on one of Jade’s cakes. (You’re fired – Ed)’

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