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A Thong For Europe

by | 7th, March 2005

‘IN the race to sing the UK’s entry into the Eurovision Song Contest, anyone who breasts the line in front of Jordan and someone called Gina G must be a big star.

‘And if you want to see some more…’

But Javine is not that big a star, not really, not yet.

As the Sun reports in an article dressed in the tongue-in-cheek headline “I’LL SHOW THEM IN THE FINAL”, Javine, a reject from TV’s Popstars, is not so big.

If we may be so bold, we estimate that during her performance on the BBC’s Making Your Mind Up show, the singer showed us that he is no bigger than a B-cup.

In the front-page news (“JAVINE: SIMPLY THE BREAST”), the singer explains she had “no idea” that while celebrating her success for the song Touch My Fire her right breast had popped clean out of her outfit.

For those readers that missed the shot of Javine’s exposed nipple, the paper dutifully reproduces the moment that shocked a nation.

Javine, naturally, is appalled, amazed, stunned, gobsmacked and shocked that her gossamer orange dress should have let her down so dreadfully.

But she’s a game girl is Javine, and tells the paper that she loves the outfit and plans to wear it again for the big Eurovision sing-off in Kiev this May, albeit with some extra stitches or tape.

“The last thing I want is to have my nipples flashed to 200 million people across the world,” explains Javine.

Quite so. And, in any case, that’s Jordan’s job…’

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