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Harry’s Flame

by | 7th, March 2005

‘ANYONE who has seen the new teenage fashion of dressing up as a Nazi cannot help but agree that role models have a responsibility to their public.

Chelsy considers giving her bracelet to Paul Burrell for safe keeping

But while Prince Harry sets trends, he can also set hearts fluttering, and we read in the Mail that he’s just given his lover, Chelsy Davy, some jewellery.

And the paper has a shot of the 19-year-old wearing her gift.

But don’t worry about being dazzled by some multi-carat sparkler, because on first inspection this bracelet looks very much like a bit of leather with some cheap shards of brass hammered onto it.

And on a second look, it appears to be just as mundane and cheap as it did on that first glance.

But Chelsy shouldn’t be too downhearted; these Windsors take their time before they start dishing out the good stuff – just look how long it took Camilla to get that glittering engagement ring.

Chelsy should hang on in there…’

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