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Speed Kills

by | 8th, March 2005

‘HAVING wooed the sick and the distaff vote, the Tories are now trying to get drivers on side.

Giving drivers the hump

An easy task, you would think, necessitating little more than a cricket bat, a firm grip and a hefty swing at those money-hungry speed cameras.

But first things first, and that means the removal of road humps, or sleeping policemen as they were known in more innocent times.

The Times hears the Tories say that road humps are a nuisance and claim more lives than they save – they delay emergency vehicles and increase pollution as drivers slow down in approach and accelerate away.

And there is some truth in these claims, with the London Ambulance Service saying that humps cause 500 deaths a year as crews are delayed in reaching heart-attack victims.

And expect to see a few of those victims at a Tory press conference some time soon…’

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