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Hiding To Nothing

by | 9th, March 2005

‘IS there something of Saddam Hussein about Tory leader Michael Howard?

‘I hurt it playing ping-pong’

John Reid, the Health Secretary, clearly thinks so, as the Times hears him beseech Howard to “stop using human shields to hide behind”.

Reid wants Howard to step out from behind the twin sand bags of Mrs Dixon and Mrs Hutchings and tell the world how he’ll wield “a policy of cuts and charges” like a weapon of mass destruction to blow the NHS apart.

Howard’s response is to smile and know that so long as Mrs Dixon’s shoulder plays up and doesn’t get fixed, he’s scoring political hits with rare aplomb.

But Labour are far from envious. Really, they have not a green cell in their collective body. The ruling party are just angered at the Tories’ low opportunism.

How dare they use people – those beloved voters – to attack the Government. For shame!

“There are a lot of people who want to give us a kicking and the media is picking up on these individual cases because they are very vivid, if not illuminating,” says a “senior source” within the Labour party.

“But Howard cannot keep doing this.” Why not? “He is standing to be the next prime minister, not the next Robert Kilroy-Silk with his daytime TV-style press conferences.”

Indeed, you’d never catch honest, tanned Tony Blair stooping so low as he nips from Richard & Judy’s sofa to the desk at Channel Five’s The Wright Stuff.

Not in this world…’

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