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by | 9th, March 2005

‘FROM Mrs Dixon’s shoulder, we move to King Tut’s broken leg.

King Tut should have gone private

The Guardian reports that Tutankhamun, “the world’s charismatic boy king”, was not murdered, but died from natural causes.

A computer topography scan has revealed that although there were a couple of loose bone fragments in the mummy’s skull, the Egyptian tyro was not killed by a blow to the head.

The new thinking is that King Tut’s thigh bone snapped after a “forceful blow”.

A team of archaeologists have scanned the remains and concluded that “although the break itself would not have been life-threatening, infection might have set in”.

Proponents of the new theory say that the wound on the thigh became infected, and the 19-year-old would have soon died.

It just might have been that Kig Tut was in some kind of hospital when the infection – perhaps a bug not too dissimilar to MRSA superbug – took a fatal hold.

Or he died waiting for an operation…’

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