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Maggie’s Out

by | 10th, March 2005

‘STRIKE up Robbie Williams’s Angels and bid a hearty adieu to Margaret Thatcher.

The woman’s gone but her hair may prove to be indestructible

No, the Iron Lady is not dead, but the Conservative Party is consigning her to the dustbin of history.

While the right wing of the party pulls at its hair and indulges in much weeping and wailing as the woman many see as nothing less than a living goddess is pushed aside, the Times hears the reasons for this twist in policy.

It seems that David Cameron, the Tories’ head of policy, says the manifesto he’s writing will be less about Thatcher-style idealism and more about what the paper terms “Conservatism for the modern age”.

So Thatcher is out and talk of better public services and increased choice when it comes to schools and hospitals is in.

But even with Maggie gone, the Times has seen a poll which shows the Tories are scarred by the past.

A poll commissioned by the paper reveals that, although voters often prefer Tory policy to their rivals’ offerings, the Tory tag turns them off at the ballot box.

As the headline says: “Tory immigration policy is popular; its brand name is not.”

Which is hard new for the Conservatives to take – and heartening for Tony Blair, who long ago realised that to be elected all you need do is take Conservative policy and wrap it up in something grinning and new…’

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