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Ballet Good Show

by | 10th, March 2005

‘“AS Prince Charles crawls on all fours at the Palace, Camilla Parker Bowles gives him a stern lashing with a riding crop,” reports the Mail.

And Camilla wears the trousers

What’s this? Has the paper gained access to some salacious inside gossip about what Charles and his fiancée like to get up to of a night in?

Sadly not, and the mystery of what Camilla does for Charles that Diana could not do remains what it ever was, a mystery.

The scene reproduced in the Mail of Camilla in full riding gear ready to give her supplicant a damn good thrashing was enacted not at Highgrove House but at the Palace Theatre, Manchester.

It’s a moment from a new ballet called Diana, the Princess “a celebration of Diana’s life”.

And it’s not hard to imagine how much the late Princess of Hearts would have celebrated seeing her former husband being whipped in public.

Just as she would have enjoyed the Express’ story that the Prince has, yet again, been making himself look like a bit of a tit, or albatross, if you will, in public.

Having wowed one woman and her dingo in Australia, the paper notes that Charles has relocated to New Zealand, where he pulled on a traditional Maori chief’s cloak and wrap-around dancing skirt made from albatross feathers.

A kind of Kiwi tutu, if you will…’

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