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by | 10th, March 2005

‘“AND you come to me in a Fiat Uno with your candles in the wind…”

”And through it all she offers me protection…”

You’d think if Elton’s John’s dirge were good enough for Princess Diana it would be more than suitable for the rest of us to rock out to at our own funerals.

But the Mirror notes that Elton’s death classic doesn’t even make the Top Ten of songs we’d like to have at our own funerals.

According to a survey by the digital TV channel Music Choice, which – having miraculously found 4,500 viewers to question – discovered that the No.1 coffin-side hit is Robbie Williams’s Angels.

But the song’s mawkish sentimentality – the name alone offers a ray of hope to the survivors standing along the funeral pit’s edge – is not everyone’s favourite.

Over on the continent, the preference is for Queen’s The Show Must Go On.

Williams’ tribute to winged creatures only makes the list at No.6, and once again we see neither hide nor red acrylic hair of dear Elton.’

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