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Chocolate Boxes

by | 11th, March 2005

‘AS mobile phones grow ever more popular, we, like BT, have long wondered what to do with street phone kiosks.

A selection box

Many would like to see them turned into lavatories. Or places where prostitutes can display cards advertising for custom. Or kitting them out as compact and bijou starter homes for urban professionals.

But BT has come up with an even better plan. As the Telegraph says, the giant phone operator plans to use its increasingly unpopular kiosks as junk food outlets.

BT plans to reposition the phones on the outside of the boxes, remove the doors and the fill the interiors with machines that dispense sweets, crisps, chocolate and fizzy drinks.

“Over all,” says a spokesman for the new chain of 24-hour high sweetshops, “there will still be some shelter from the wind for people using the phone.”

As they call their dentists and dieticians…’

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