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The Eastern Front

by | 11th, March 2005

‘TODAY we are forced to answer a tough question: if Poland invaded Germany would we mind?

For sale: spacious castle with own escape tunnels. Suit large family

Or would we sit back and say something like “What goes around, comes around”, and look on knowingly as Poles maraud over the border to take hold of German property.

And do not doubt that an invasion is already underway, as the Telegraph reports on how “even castles aren’t safe as the Poles invade Germany”.

In what is being termed “a dramatic reversal of historical roles”, Poles in search of lebensraum are heading over the German border, snapping up properties and settling down.

With East Germans leaving the region in search of better lives in the west of their country, houses are being left idle, and the Poles are buying them at bargain rates.

Take the rundown Apostolic church in Penkun. It’s yours for £970. And that old bakery nearby is a steal at just £730.

And a town like Penkun is no derelict dump, but, as the paper says, it’s a charming village bordered by two lakes and a peach-coloured castle.

So, come one, come all. Germany is for sale. It’s time to buy a little piece…’

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