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Bride Of A Valkyrie

by | 14th, March 2005

‘CUE the theme song for TV’s The Odd Couple – “blonde Valkyrie” Brigitte Neilson has married an Italian waiter, 15 years her junior and at 5ft 6ins small, seven inches shorter then his bride.

Mattia and the bosom of his love

But 26-year-old Mattia Dessi has measured up in some ways, and we now look on as he marries the Danish-born actress in the Dominican Republic.

None of Brigitte’s four children were there to see the look on their mum’s face as she said “I do” and crouched down to give her fifth husband a smack on the lips.

But thanks to Hello!, we were there, and can now look on as Brigitte and her man tie the knot and recall the moment they met.

Fatefully enough, what with him being a waiter and Brigitte seated in the Swiss restaurant he worked in, their eyes were able to meet.

“She was a famous Hollywood star and I’m just a waiter,” says Mattia. “But we went for a drink a few days later and then back to her place where we kissed.” Go on…

“It was a fantastic evening. It was difficulty for me because she’s a lot taller than me and is very powerful, but somehow we managed it.”

No diagrams are provided, leading us to consult all manner of manuals and biology text books to work out how this explosion of love was enacted.

But the deed was done, and now Mattia is in the bosom of his wife.

And should he ever escape from that mountainous place, he’ll tell us some more…’

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