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End Of The Lines

by | 14th, March 2005

‘FOR many, Princess Michael of Kent has long been the unacceptable face of the Royal Family.

‘After ze lunch, I vill rid you of zose lines, ja’

The blonde, blue-eyed daughter of Günther Hubertus, Baron von Reibnitz, once a member of the Nazi party, is about as charming as a prolapsed pile.

But at last she seems to have realised the problem, and has set about trying to correct it.

No, not with an apology for behaviour which has earned her the nickname “Princess Pushy” and seen her labelled as something less than racially enlightened by New York restaurant diners, but by having her lines seen to.

Having told us that her complexion was “genetic” – ‘we have that kind of skin that does not age” – the woman born Marie-Christine Anne Agnes Hedwig Ida von Reibnitz now admits it’s all a matter of Botox.

In fact, she’s been having her face injected with toxin botulinum for some time, around five years. “Everybody over the age of 25 should take it,” says she.

But before taking her advice, know that it can cause side-effects.

Cliff Richard claims he gave up Botox when it began to make his eyebrows droop.

Others have complained about a sudden amnesia about their parentage and a craving for money, status and fame…’

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