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The Holy Ghosts

by | 14th, March 2005

‘AFTER football, schools and hospitals, it now appears there is to be a league table for God.

‘I can see you sneaking out…’

Or at last the Christian version of the omnipotent one, since, as the Telegraph says, London’s Church’s are to be ranked by a team of pious critics.

As many as 100 specialist researches with names like “Church Mouse”, “Corpus Cani” and “Dunelm” will attend Churches to see how the services and facilities compare.

Working for the Christian website Ship-of-Fools, these anonymous worshippers will judge churches on such things as the warmth of welcome, the length and content of the cleric’s sermon and the softness of the pews.

“For the church being visited,” says Simon Jenkins, who heads the research team, “the only clue is the calling card dropped discreetly into the collection plate, bearing the picture of a masked man in Lone Ranger pose.”

Although, given the scarcity of worshippers in many London churches, the other clue may be that the masked man is the only person sitting in the cheap seats…’

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