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Upstairs, Downstairs

by | 14th, March 2005

‘IF you want to get rid of your neighbour, best buy some tap shoes.

Gordon Brown and a friend attempt to drive Tony out of No. 10

The combined effect of your syncopated soft-shoe-shuffles and new wooden floors will cause your neighbour to wish they were dead or at least living somewhere else.

A report by the Building Performance Centre at Napier University, Edinburgh, has found that wooden floors are the bane of many flat-dwellers’ lives.

Last year, environmental health officers received up to 40,000 complaints over “impact sounds”.

The report says that many residents are being driven to ill health by “impact noise caused by everyday domestic activities such as footsteps, dropped objects, scraping furniture or jumping children.”

And the sound of Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen’s cuffs rustling…’

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