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Airbrush & A G-String

by | 15th, March 2005

‘MEETING the great and good in the flesh can be dangerous business, leaving fans disappointed.

Spot the difference

Take Jennifer Lopez and Jane Fonda, two stars of the new movie Monster-in-Law.

Judging by the film’s promotional picture, published in the Mirror, Fonda has a flawless complexion with barely a line visible.

J-Lo looks pretty much as ever, blessed with a body as smooth as silk and not a bump, lump or bulge out of place.

But now wind the clock back to that moment when the photo was first taken, before it was airbrushed.

In placing the before and after shots one atop the other, the Mirror is inviting readers to play a game of spot the difference.

And, willingly, we take up the offer. Key defences are that in the original shot, Fonda has a saggy chin that seems to be made of flesh-coloured crepe paper and a prominent sweat stain under an armpit.

And in the original, there is a suggestion that J-Lo has nipples – a bulge can be clearly seen in one corner of her halter neck top.

To the Mirror this is nothing less than cheating, earning the headline “FIX FONDA!”, and encouraging the paper to give space to a story that none of its rivals bother to carry.

But rather than being critical of airbrushing, papers like the Mirror should be embracing the technology.

So too papers like the Star, whose editors should encourage the art department to perform such magic, particularly when deciding to publish a shot of Peter Stringfellow on his jolly holidays (“If you’ve got a weak stomach turn away now”).

The 64-year-old “pot-bellied Romeo” is seen taking in the sun and bathing in the waters around Barbados…in a brown G-string.

There is the offending article riding up the lapdance club owner’s backside as he steps in or out of his shorts.

Cover your eyes! Head for the Hills? And ask yourself what a curvy 22-year-old girl like Bella Wright is doing cosying up to a far older, badly dressed man “who showered her with diamonds on Valentine’s Day before proposing”.

And then airbrush the image from your mind…

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