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The Ice Man Cometh

by | 16th, March 2005

‘ON this Budget day, when Gordon Brown will tell us how much he’s got and how he’ll be spending it, it’s useful to see where taxpayers’ money goes.

Antony Gormley

Some of the Treasury’s cash is spent on hospitals. Some is spent on schools. And some is spent on building an ice sculpture that, as the Times says, only a few polar bears will see.

As part of a project called Cape Farewell, which is intended to raise awareness of climate change, Arts Council England paid for artist Antony Gormley to make a life-sized figure from snow.

And there it is, stuck in the frozen wastes of the Arctic, just as the Turner-prize winning sculptor intended it to be.

But Gormley was not alone in his mission to make the world’s costliest snowman, and was accompanied on his trip aboard the Nooderlicht schooner by eleven other artists.

One of the group, the artist Rachael Whitbread, spent her time doing “a lot of walking”. The paper says that Whitbread was concentrating on the “sound and feel of her footsteps on the snow and ice”.

And, like her fellow artists, she’ll be featuring the work inspired by such musing next year – in the freezer section at Asda…

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