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Bra-vo Gordon

by | 17th, March 2005

‘THE Sun and Star have but one word to say about Gordon Brown’s budget – knickers.

Jennifer isn’t worried about the new tax on clothes

There’s Coronation Street’s Tina O’Brien, 21, on the Star’s cover page, her body clad in a budget-busting bikini as she sucks on a tax-free lollipop.

Corrie’s Tina may well have it “licked”, as the Star says, but she’ll have to do some more sucking up to the paper’s editor if she is to eclipse Jennifer Ellison and her underwear.

The woman who is rarely if ever seen fully clothed is today posing in a lacy red bra. Jen is, as the paper says she is, the “queen of saucy lingerie”, as she was named the face and body of Warner underwear.

“I am delighted to be the face of this young and vibrant lingerie company for the larger cup size,” says 32DD Jen. “I have really struggled like other women to find fashionable sexy lingerie sets that look great but that also fit well.”

And it’s a struggle we have all been privy to, looking on as Jen has stuffed herself and her breasts into a succession of badly fitting bras that barely cover her assets.

But it might be that Jen’s current choice of undies is not the last pair she tries on, because the pneumatic Kirsty Gallacher has been spotted extolling the vitues of her new gunties in the Sun.

And drink in the view folks, because a source close to Kirsty says that “she’s decided to call it a day and concentrate on more serious things. We won’t be seeing her without her clothes on again.”

Oh, come, come. Never say never. And what’s this nonsense about “more serious things”? What could be more vital than choosing the right bra and knickers. Eh, Jennifer…

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