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Brown’s Cash Cow

by | 17th, March 2005

‘CAN Gordon Brown win the election for Tony Blair?

It’s in the bag

Perhaps he can and perhaps he can’t. But some voters will doubtless be happy with what they heard the Chancellor say in yesterday’s Budget.

The essential parts of which are laid out on the Times’s front page – cigarettes up 7p per packet; £2m Queen Mother memorial in The Mall; beer up 1p a pint, wine by 4p a bottle.

Those are the bald facts.

But for those voters who want to know more, the Times produces a 24-page “BUDGET 2005” report.

Who reads the entire contents of such a pull-out-and-ignore document is anyone’s guess, since the minutiae of Government fiscal policy are as dull as, well, Gordon Brown and his team of accountants.

But while the paper tells us about public services, spending on welfare and how pensioners will get free buss passes – what may be termed a ‘boom and bus’ policy – the Telegraph talks in headlines.

“Pay day for the grey voter,” says the front-page headline. Pensioners will get a £200 council tax refund this year. Which is nice.

But if pensioners want a deduction again next year, they’ll just have to vote for that nice Mr Tony and see what happens.

Meanwhile, the paper’s editorial comment is surmised in a paragraph, which appears in unmissable bold type amid the pale and long-winded Budget details.

Say the paper: “He [Brown] is like a mugger who says he will hit you but who then announces that, after further consideration, he will only hit you five times instead.”

But he will let you keep your pension book and catch a free bus ride to the hospital…

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