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by | 18th, March 2005

‘WAVING goodbye to Mrs Dixon’s shoulder – and seeing her gamely trying to wave back – marks the end of a little political era.

Eat yer heart out, Margaret Dixon

But as Mrs Dixon struggles to raise a salute, others are having less of a problem raising their arms up high.

The Independent brings news of the end of an altogether more unpleasant period in history, and watches the removal of the last remaining statue of Francisco Franco from the streets of Madrid.

While sculptors look to replace the effigy with a statue of Day-vid Beckham and baby Cruz, the Indy publishes a picture of a gaggle of General Franco’s supporters showing the world that their shoulders are in perfect working order.

As they give the Falangist salute, eight workmen with picks, drills and blowtorches torture and then remove the 7-metre bronze statue of Spain’s former dictator from the Plaza San Juan de la Cruz (no relation).

“Franco! Franco! Franco!” chants the small knot of supporters, before breaking into a rendition of the Fascist anthem “Cara al Sol (Face the Sun).

On the other side of the plaza, Left-wingers laugh, cheer and hurl insults at their foe across the way.

A few scuffles break out, a police helicopters hovers overhead and then Franco is gone.

The statue will now be stored in a ministry warehouse until its owner claims it. Or someone tosses it off a bridge…

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