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by | 18th, March 2005

‘WE now take a million-mile leap from stories of faking it to the Sun’s tale of Shane Richie.

To protect Christie’s modesty, this photo has been cropped

One of our most versatile stars – Richie can play himself in just about any production – is “devastated”.

It seems that thieves have stolen “semi-nude” pictures of the actor and his girlfriend, the blonde Christie Goddard.

These saucy photos were not taken by a builder renovating Richie’s home, nor were they stored on a nicked lap-top, but were nabbed in a failed carjacking.

Apparently, the thieves jumped into Christie’s jeep, but were unable to start the car. After they tussled with the little-known actress, the villains made off with her handbag and mobile phone – on which the racy pictures were stored.

Christie is “very upset” and Shane is “furious”. And, what’s more, the villains have been sending pictures of topless Christie to Shane’s mobile accompanied by taunting messages.

It really is so very awful.

And we hope that things don’t get any worse, and a photo of the actress – that’s C.H.R.I.S.T.I.E – doesn’t turn up in a national newspaper…

Paul Sorene is the Anorak’

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