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Getting Satisfaction

by | 21st, March 2005

‘WHEN she bared all as The Graduate’s Mrs Robinson on the London stage, Jerry Hall showed the world what Mick Jagger was giving up.

Jerry notices the cushions

But we who saw the unveiling were unwilling and unable to judge. Jerry has had numerous children, was in her forties and in the dimly lit theatre she could have been Vanessa Feltz or Kylie Minogue and we’d not have seen.

But now she’s out for revenge, and, as the Mail says, has co-written a track with one Rachel Fuller, girlfriend of the Who’s Pete Townsend, in which she unleashes a “thinly-veiled attack” on old rubber lips.

For her inspiration she takes not Mick’s ridiculous spasm of a dance, nor his face, rather the dining table at the Richmond home the couple used to share.

For your musical delectation, the lyrics go as follows: “We make love on it. Our children scratch their names beneath. The fire lights our passion. And the wine has numbed our grief.”

You want more? OK. Here goes: “Then you bring other women while I am out of town. And I can always sense where a stranger has sat down.”

But that’s probably just because there’s a small wet patch on the cushions…

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