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The Ugly Tooth

by | 21st, March 2005

‘WOULD you take a look at that queue on the cover of today’s Express! It’s huge.

”Please, please let me know when it hurts”

But this is no picture of asylum–seekers lining up to collect their new Mercedes from a Dover dealership, rather a snapshot of desperate people waiting for the dentist.

Some in the queue may well be asylum seekers, gypsies or people of foreign extraction, but even allowing for them, the Express estimates that 1,600 souls formed a mile-long queue to register at a dental practice in Spalding, Linconshire.

The Sun puts the figure at 1,500, and tells readers that in this line were mums with buggies and OAPs.

People like the pensioner who compares the line to a “Russian bread queue”, a mum of two who screams: “It’s a disgrace!”; and an old lady of 87 who kept having to sit down on a fold-up chair.

While we may wonder why the OAP didn’t just post her teeth into the new dentist, whose arrival from Spain has created more NHS spaces at the practice, we can’t help but wonder how this came to pass.

How can this be? In this day and age, who would have thought that a) anyone wanted to see a dentist – ever!; and b) with our diet of junk food and sugar, we had any teeth left to bother with…

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