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Eating His Words

by | 21st, March 2005

‘OTHER than Tony Blair, the closest thing we have to an omnipotent presence in this fair land is Gordon Ramsay.

Get stuffed

But the top chef who pursues celebritydom like a randy terrier chases a favourable trouser leg may be on the way out.

As the Times reports, the image of the foul-mouthed chef yelling at underpaid kitchen workers as he overcooks his ego is being pushed down the waste disposal of history.

The next batch of hopeful chefs enrolling on the cooking course at Bournemouth and Poole College is to be given “the gastronomic equivalent of a finishing school”.

The module in “chefiquette” will prevent would-be Ramsays from uttering a word out of turn.

“The rudeness in TV kitchens [is] not a good role model,” says David Boland, the school’s head chef and tutor.

His first rule is unequivocal: “No shouting, no swearing, never. Screaming and shouting at people achieves nothing…”

Well, not entirely nothing – it has made the abusive and childish Ramsay a household name…

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