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The Power Within

by | 22nd, March 2005

‘THERE can be little denying that Jesus Christ got his mother’s nose and his father’s religious fervour.

”It’s not bloody fair!” says Nicky. ”Euan always gets to be the Holy Ghost”

Sure, Jesus had his doubts, but in the end, as the story goes, he did his father proud. The boy came good.

And it seems that he was always predestined to make the right choice in the end, as the Telegraph tells us that religious conviction is all in the genes.

Thanks to this pious gene, the paper says that religious belief can be passed down from parent to child.

Parents keen to instil their own values and prejudices into their children can rely less on tales of a vengeful god who sees everything and flays non-believers in the pits of Hell and just wait for the gene to kick in.

Based on a study of 500 twins, researchers at Minnesota University set out to discover whether nature of nurture lies at the sacred heart of spirituality.

While non-identical twins’ beliefs diverged as they grew older, identical twins reported similar patterns over time.

Laura Koenig, co-author of the research, says that there is “still room for cultural and environmental influences”, but there is a developing argument that spirituality can be inherited.

Which, if so, makes it a great pity for the world’s spiritual welfare that the likes of the Pope and all those priests and nuns prefer to remain as childless virgins…

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