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Sun Downers

by | 22nd, March 2005

‘FOR a sphere of study so full of absolutes and laws, it’s a worry that modern science often appears to be a mess of half-truths and unfinished research.

Vote Kilroy for hotter British summers

Having for years warned us about the dangers of exposing skin to the sun, the Independent now hears scientists tell us that too little sun can cause harm.

While the British cancer charity Cancer Research UK spots a chink in the cloud cover and duly launches its annual SmartSun campaign today, Australian experts are worried about people in the shade.

As the Cancer Council of Australia says: “A balance is required between avoiding an increase in the risk of skin cancer and achieving enough ultraviolet radiation exposure to achieve adequate vitamin D levels.”

And if people in Australia, one of the world’s sunniest lands are increasingly deficient in vitamin D, the condition here must be far more pronounced – research fond that 43% of women in Geelong, southern Australia, suffered a vitamin D deficiency during winter.

Indeed, the reports say that since the vitamin can only be stored in the body for 60 days at most, by the end of our bleak winters “most” of us are deficient.

Which is dreadful. And if our politicians aren’t going to do anything about making the winters warmer, then we need to take direct action.

It’s time to start those engines, chuck out those old fridges and release some much-need CFCs.

We need global warming – before it’s too late!

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