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Cat’s Amazing!

by | 23rd, March 2005

‘IF it’s not raving footballers and love cheats you have to watch out for, it’s black panthers.

The urban fox

Yes, folks, it’s time to lock your doors, seal up the cat flap and be on the look out for what the Mail is calling “The Beast of Sydenham”.

The suburb of South London is said to be in the thrall of a huge black cat that has just attacked local pet owner Tim Holder.

Hearing the pitiful cries of his pet tabby, Kitty Kat, he dashed to the garden. And there he saw his beloved cat being pinned down by what he first believed to be a fox.

Resisting the urge to pull on a red tunic, mount his horse and run the vermin ragged, he went over to “shoo” it away.

And then it turned on him. “I was staring into the whites of its eyes and it was growling and baring its teeth,” says Holden. “It weighed a lot more than me – I’m 13 stone – and it was at least 5ft long.” This was no fox.

Over in the Mirror, Holden is pictured cuddling his pet – now named Kit-Kat – while the paper tells us about the “hissing” and “snarling” black beast.

And how it said something abusive about Wayne Rooney before running off…

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