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by | 23rd, March 2005

‘PAGING Clive in accounts. Your country needs you.

Clive was keen to cut down on staff sending private emails during office hours

Middle manager Clive’s core skills of being able to approach your work unit unseen and read your emails over your shoulder should stand him in good stead at MI5.

As the Times reports, the Security Service is actively looking for middle mangers who want to utilise their office skills for the good of the land.

Getting the new girl to make coffee becomes “agent-running” and prying transforms into “telephone-tapping operations”.

As the unnamed MI5 recruiter says: “This campaign seeks experienced mangers who may be considering a career change…We are also trying to move away from misconceptions about our work, perpetuated by spy television and books.”

So, come on, Clive, get down to the MI5 offices. You may not get the tuxedo, the jetpack and the girl, but you will get a new shiny suit and a sense of belonging…

Paul Sorene is the Anorak’

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