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The Whole Tooth

by | 23rd, March 2005

‘YOU might not have their money, adulation and fame, but you can now have your favourite star’s teeth.

Grin and bare it

The Times says that in Hollywood the must-have accessory is a set of prosthetic teeth modelled on your favourite star’s gnashers.

Of course, these are unlikely to be the teeth the stars had before they were famous. You would no more want Celine Dion’s snaggle tooth in your head than your would Charlton Heston’s hair on top.

No, these are the immaculate pearly whites that America’s finest flash the world whenever they smile.

So for a fee of around $3,000 – a fraction of what the stars pay for the real falsies – you can have teeth like Halle Berry or Gwyneth Paltrow.

Or you can buy from Anorak’s range of UK Denture Stars, and look like the Queen Mother, Tony Blair or the winner of the 2:30 at Kempton Park…

Paul Sorene is the Anorak’

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