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by | 24th, March 2005

‘WITH so much talk of housing prices, we seem to have overlooked the cost of actually living in one of these overpriced piles of brick and MDF.

Anorak new town

And it’s not cheap. Especially when we factor in council tax, which, as the Times says on its front page, will rise by twice the rate of inflation next month.

Since Labour came to power in 1997, the tax of living in a home has soared by a whopping 74%. For the first time, the average council tax bill is poised to pass the £1,000 mark, shifting to £1,009.

So much more sensible to sell up your home while the market is still ridiculously high and move into your car.

And why not? As the Times says, holidaymakers can expect a five-hour rush hour over the Easter break.

With 2.2 million of us heading for the airport and hundreds of thousands more driving to granny’s bungalow by the seaside, the paper combines the words “travel” and “chaos” to drum the message home.

But we say, why stop at five hours? Why not make the car trip not just part of your holiday, but the essential part of the entire trip.

And then, when you’ve settled in and have found a scenic place to park – near to a good school and not too far from the station – live the dream of the eternal vacation.

And if someone tries to move you on, shout something about your human rights and lock the doors…

Paul Sorene is the Anorak’

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