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by | 24th, March 2005

‘BARELY have the bugles been hung up and the beagles shot than foxes have begun to run riot.

Basil holidays in Malaysia

The Telegraph says that a second dog has been attacked by a fox in the village of Hilton, Cambs.

While wildlife experts say that foxes don’t usually attack dogs and scratch their beards, Basil has been seen repeatedly going for a three-year-old male labrador playing with a toilet roll in his master’s garden.

Thanks to a fence, the fox – a “snarling animal” – was unable to get at the bundle of fat and yellowy fur. But three weeks ago, Beth, a large Alsatian, was not so lucky.

When the fox attacked, the, er, lovable German Shepherd, the dog favoured by British police to subdue crowds and bring order, had its stomach ripped out. It died.

It’s clear that this fox is a menace, and must be stopped. Or it will continue to exact terrible revenge on dogs, the beasts that have killed countless of its kin for an age…

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