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Stag Hunt

by | 30th, March 2005

‘YESTERDAY we waved a fond auf wiedersehen to Prince Charles, his sons and 40 friends as they jetted off for the heir to the throne’s stag do.

Kate hears the sound of a car engine revving up

What the theme of the send off will be is not revealed by the Mirror, but don’t rule out lots of stags being shot through the head and their antlers sawn off.

But while the Swiss ski resort of Klosters was being made ready for the party’s arrival, princes William and Harry were getting into rave mode early.

The Express looked on as the lads and 11 of their friends trotted along to the Sugar Hill bar in Fulham last night.

The snappers then saw Wills leave, and dallied long enough to see his girlfriend, Kate Middleton, scurry out of the venue ten minutes after her man.

To the paper this is not a sign the couple have had a row, rather part of a “cloak-and-dagger” operation to keep the 22-year-old young Miss out of the headlines.

But it failed, and now instead of reading the usual story about the number of drinks young Harry imbibed and if how he spent the evening talking exclusively in German, we get to read a story called “Prince and the shy girl”.

It’s like history repeating itself, as the rather stiff Prince William dates a tall, demure English rose.

While an older woman with a horse blanket draped over her shoulders sits nearby in a battered white Fiat Uno with the engine running…’

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