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by | 31st, March 2005

‘SOMEONE less popular than Prince Charles, and an even bigger love cheat, is Darren Day.

Unlike the morning sickness, Darren won’t go away

But even he is trying to mend his ways, and the Sun hears that having walked out on the mother of his baby son on Mother’s Day, he now wants Suzanne Shaw back.

Or as the Sun puts it: “The ratbag turned up on the former Hear’Say singer’s doorstep, begging her to take him back.”

What would Suzanne do? Well, be happy in the knowledge that she realised Darren is “beyond repair” and told him to get back to the Travelodge he’d crawled out from.

“Good on you, Suzanne,” says the Sun, which then asks an unnamed source to explain what went on.

It seems that Darren rocked up to the home the couple once shared to collect a few of this things.

“He turned on the waterworks, begging her to take him back,” says Suzanne’s “pal”.

But before he could move from tears to God, Suzanne had closed the door in his simpering face and decided that there’s “only so much weaselling a man can do”.

Of course, this being Darren Day, there may be much, much more ratting, ferreting and weaselling to come…

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