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by | 1st, April 2005

‘WHILE Tony Blair rebrands new Labour as T&C’s Healthfood Deli and the Tories campaign on the Jamie Oliver ticket, the Guardian looks at some other parties we might be voting for at the General Election.

”I make it up as I go along”

During the past year, the paper tells us that no less than 73 new political parties have been registered.

While many of us are still trying to work out what the Third Way is and what new Labour stands for, most of these new parties create little confusion as to their manifestos.

Any idea what the Blair Must Go party is about? And what do you suppose Build Duddon and Morecambe Bridges wants? And take time out from hugging a sycamore to vote for Stop Durrington’s Overdevelopment – Save Titnore’s Trees.

It’s power to the people, indeed, as the Electoral Commission says that almost half of these new political entities are founded on single issues.

Which make this the ripe moment to unveil the Anorak Party. We haven’t any policies of our own, but vote for us and we’ll make it up as we go along.

The new New Labour party is on its way… Hurrah!’

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