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The Boy’s For Turning Back

by | 4th, April 2005

‘WHETHER or not Margaret Thatcher inspired her son Mark to dabble in politics we may never know.

”The bigger boys made me do it, mummy”

What we do know is that after being given a four-year suspended sentence and a large fine for his part in a failed coup in Equatorial Guinea, Thatcher would be well advised to stay out of politics.

And to keep out of America. Not that he has any choice in that matter since, as the Telegraph says, the man who is amazingly able to call himself Sir Mark Thatcher has been banned from entering the land of the free.

Thanks to his criminal record, US authorities have refused to allow Thatcher to join his American-born wife and their children in Dallas.

Why, the poor lad can’t even enter the country as a tourist.

Leaving young Thatcher, who is currently living with his mummy in London, little option but to scour the planet for somewhere that will have him.

“I shall make my family home in Europe, not the UK,” says Mark, “and my family will be joining me as soon as arrangements are made.”

Or his mum let’s him out on his own again…’

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