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Otherwise Engaged

by | 4th, April 2005

‘“AS death drew close he raised his right hand as if blessing an unseen crowd and whispered his last word: AMEN.”

”I hear some of your priests are good with children?”

That’s the simple headline on today’s Mail, above a picture of the passed-on pontiff lying in state in his full regalia.

No mention of the effect of his death on house prices. Not even a hint that the final “amen” marked the approval of an edict saying that the world’s 1.1 billion Catholics should register for postal votes and sweep the Conservatives to power in the forthcoming General Election.

Inside, it’s a different story, and the paper spells out an unexpected aspect of the Pope’s demise, which presents a major problem for the future head of the Church of England – the freethinking Buddhist known to millions as “Charles”.

The Organic Prince is of course getting married on Friday, and the Holy Father’s funeral could mean “more snubs for Charles”, as the great and the good head for Rome.

It also means that Buckingham Palace will have to name a second candidate to attend the funeral if Charles himself cannot attend. According to the paper, this would normally be Prince Andrew, “but officials may turn to Prince Philip”.

Quite right too – Andrew is notoriously boorish and Philip’s tact is definitely what’s required in these delicate circumstances.

Meanwhile the BBC is considering the implications and pondering its options, and says that if it needs to change its wedding coverage, an announcement will be made.

The way things are going for Charles, we wouldn’t bet against Lee Bowyer calls a press conference on the big day. “We are watching the situation,” said a BBC spokesman.

But will anyone else be watching come 12.30pm on Friday?’

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