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Anne’s Lesbian Shame

by | 4th, April 2005

‘“BITCHY ANNE’S LESBIAN BUST UP,” shrieks the Sun.

Screw you?

No, it’s nothing to do with the tireless royal charity worker. This is Anne Robinson, the scourge of hapless contestants on TV’s The Weakest Link.

Anne is in the Prince Philip class when it comes to upsetting people, having famously outraged the Scousers and the Welsh with her sweeping generalisations concerning their supposed characteristics.

Now she’s had a pop at the female prison officer community, and the sisters are up in arms.

Anne’s mistake was to make certain assumptions about a 47-year-old screw Louise who appeared as a contestant on the show.

“Are you gay?” asked Anne, by way of introduction, and Louise replied that she was not. “But you ARE a prison officer?” insisted Anne, to which Louise riposted: “Not all prison officers are gay.”

Another presenter might have let the matter drop at this point, but not Robinson. “You have short hair and no eye make-up!” barked the red-haired harridan.

She returned to her theme later, when Louise admitted that she enjoyed swimming.

“So you swim, you don’t wear eye make-up, you have short hair and you are a prison officer and you are heterosexual,” sneered Anne. “That’s correct,” replied Louise, to which Anne snorted “Come on!”

In these days of “hate crime”, we can’t help feeling that Robinson is sailing close to the wind. She has already been threatened with prosecution over her anti-Welsh prejudice, and now she’s upset the lesbians, she could find herself in hot water again.

Let’s hope for her sake that she doesn’t get herself locked up for her latest outburst. Deprived of make-up, and with her short hair, the potential for misunderstanding doesn’t bear thinking about.’

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