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by | 4th, April 2005

‘OVER the last few months, we may have inadvertently helped to support the myth that Paris Hilton does things. She doesn’t.

This waxwork of Paris Hilton is more lifelike than the real thing

Paris does very little. Indeed, if we removed breathing from her daily schedule, it’s likely she’d do nothing at all.

We had heard that Paris was something of the screen star. But after taking a gander at one of her videos, we noted that she did very little on camera.

Her co-star is seen rising to the job in hand, but Paris is more of a sex sloth than a sex kitten, and the film is best viewed through a lazy eye with the fast forward button pressed firmly down.

And we are not alone in being duped by Paris – no less an organ that the Enquirer has been taken in. But no more. For now it’s time to take a fresh look at the talentless blonde and declare: “PARIS BUSY DOING NOTHING.”

It’s a “typical week” in the life of “spoiled brat” Paris Hilton as the Enquirer records her movements.

While we wonder why the Enquirer thinks a typical week lasts from March 10 to March 22, and pity the magazine’s workforce, we try to concentrate more on Paris.

We see her lounging around in Cancun; placing her small dog into a small handbag; attending a party in a green dress; wearing an orange skirt and an orange top; hanging out in a Mexico City nightspot; and walking in Beverly Hills.

Indeed, so lazy is Paris that even her latest boyfriend is called Paris, one Paris Latsis, so saving her having to tackle the chore of remembering whom she was supposed to be meeting at Hollywood’s new Spyder Club on March 11.

Where the Enquirer spots her sitting down…

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