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Dolly’s Birds

by | 4th, April 2005

‘IT’S quite a day for mistakes. And having mistaken Paris Hilton for a celebrity, we now realise that Miss Congeniality 2 is not a God-awful sequel to a pisspoor film.

Suddenly Sandra Bullock disappeared

It is a study in social mores, which challenges prejudices in a brave and daring way. It’s nothing short of important and groundbreaking.

For the film features a seminal moment in movie marking history, to say nothing for the forwarding of gay rights and the emancipation of womankind: it features a kiss between Dolly Parton and Sandra Bullock.

“I literally had to lie on top of Dolly, says Sandra, who resisted the urge to put a flag in her conquest when up so high. “I thought she might object to such close intimacy, but she didn’t mind at all.”

Oh… “In fact, she said: ‘Let’s try and make that Britney Spears and Madonna kiss look tame.’ So we did!”

You can see the result at your local multiplex where the movie is playing to packed houses of Dolly Parton fans, mountaineering enthusiasts and devout Christians, who have had to come and to see for themselves how terrible Dolly is.

Because, as the Enquire says, the Christian Right do not approve of the way Dolly “flaunts” her support of gays. And the kiss is just further evidence of how far off the path of righteousness the singer has strayed.

But Dolly will not be bowed. Says a source: “Dolly is a deeply spiritual woman, and she won’t back down for hatemongers.”

Unless, of course, the part demands it…

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