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by | 4th, April 2005

‘ANYONE seen Joey, the show about the retarded one people in cans and sophisticated parts of Wyoming laughed at in Friends?

Pile them high

No, thought not. But if you heard that was the worst thing on TV – ever! – know that where it leads Pamela Anderson follows like a huge bosom wobbling after a nipple.

The Enquirer tells us that Pammy and her Andersons are starring in a new comedy series. Called Stacked, the show is about a former party girl who takes a job – get this – stacking the racks in a bookstore.

Did you get the joke? It’s the one about her being busty, or stacked, as American have it. And she STACKS shelves! Gerrit?

We hope you do, because if you don’t you’ve just missed out on the show’s one and only joke.

Unless, of course, you do as you do with Joey, and laugh hard and loud at the poor, deluded fool…

Paul Sorene is the Anorak’

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