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Speedos Kill

by | 5th, April 2005

‘YOU can always trust a man who tucks his vest into his Y-fronts. But can you trust man who does the same with his swimming trunks?

The elastic stretches how far?

We fear not, and the Independent’s report on an article that appears in the august in-flight journal of budget airline easyjet could prove damaging to the LibDems.

When confronted with the teasing question “Would you favour Speedos or board shorts by the pool?”, the leaders of the three main political parties thought long and hard.

Proving he has his finger firmly on the pulse of public opinion, Blair said her prefers the long shorts.

Howard gave the intriguing answer that he had no idea what he wears – an answer that either makes him look like everyone’s dad or a naturist.

And so to Kennedy, who made the faux pas and replied: “Speedos, I think.”

That, of course, is the wrong answer, likely to turn off the yoof vote and the female vote – although Duncan Goodhew, bikini waxers and the Adonis who works in the sandwich bar over the road are right behind him…

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