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She Should Be So Lucky

by | 8th, April 2005

‘“RIVALLED only by the Hiltons, Dannii Minogue is one half of the world’s most famous sister act,” says OK!.

”That’s the way to do it”

And for once the hyperbole seems based on some truth. The Minogues are very much like the Hiltons. For one thing, they are sisters. And for another, most of us can only name one of the pair.

There’s Kylie Minogue. There’s Paris Hilton. And there’s Kylie’s sister. And Paris’s sister. So, yep, they have loads in common – just like the late Princess Diana and her sister, Britney Spears and her sister, Anthea Turner and her sister…

We could go on, but our train of thought has been broken by Kylie’s sister thrusting herself before out eyes.

Short of having “Look at me – I’m Kylie’s sister!” tattooed on her chest, Kylie’s sister (KS) could do little more to draw attention to herself.

But she is trying to go that extra inch. For one thing, she’s had her boobs done. “I’ll openly admit to that,” says she, posing in a blue bikini.

But surely, she’s had more than just than, thinks OK!. None of it, says KS. “I know there’s a lot of rumours that I’ve had my whole face recreated, but that’s not true.”

And before we can guess, KS shoves her un-reconstituted mush in our faces. We notice the very white teeth. They’re like Kylie’s…

Oops! We should not have said that. Now, come on KS, don’t get angry. They are, of course, nothing like Kylie’s. They are teeth in their own right. They are artistic teeth.

“We’re just two different people, two different sizes, two different shapes. And we don’t want to be compared to each other like that.”

So how should we compare them? But before KS tells us, OK! wants to know if her relationship with her more famous, more lusted-after sister is competitive.

“Not at all,” says KS, reminding us that to be competitive, you have to be able to compete. “We’re definitely, definitely non-competitive.”

So there you have it. Kylie wins!!

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