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Wealth of Nations

by | 20th, April 2005

‘YOUR response to our appeal for funds has been huge. The number of you who say you will subscribe may yet enable Anorak to survive.

Pledges have come in from all corners of the globe, and, in particular, I must thank our American cousins for their kind words.

Of course, the proof will be in the deal. Some of you may fail to put your money where your mouths are, and I remain cautious about the pledges of cash from Messers Archer, Hamilton and Fayed.

Others have also expressed an interest in paying for Anorak. In their wisdom, radio stations, the gracious Yahoo! internet portal and others have said they have gathered up enough loose change to help keep Anorak alive.

But we need more. We will always need more. Please keep sending in your emails of support, your pledges of cash, your old stamps and the shiny tops off milk bottles.

And if you are reading this at work – and have read Anorak in your soulless work pen during the last ten years – it’s time to own up.

Get the powers that be to publish Anorak on your company intranet. Get them to pay to keep you happy at your desks. A happy worker is an Anorak reader.

We need your readership. And we need your cash.

Give your audience and staff something they actually want to read!

Yours sincerely

Paul Sorene


Tel: (UK) 07980 578831′

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