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by | 16th, May 2005

‘THE Telegraph has achieved a notable first and written no fewer than three stories about women without a single mention of Liz Hurley, or a shot of the actress/mo-del in the dress that made her famous.

”Now wash your hands”

In the story about how credit card abuse has led to a hike in the number of women going bankrupt – in which the proportion of bankruptcies involving women has risen by 40% in the past five years – there is no sign of Liz and her titanium charge cards.

And the feature story “’Fertility Meetings’ with the Naked Chef” is not an invaluable insight into life in the Hurley kitchen, but the first of a series of extracts from Jools Oliver’s new book.

To save you the expense of buying the tome, the section begins: “Trying for a baby is brilliant fun, of course”, and goes on to mention Mrs Jamie Oliver’s “irregular periods”, “her “polycystic ovaries” and how Jamie once used his moped to steer a vial of his semen from his Hampstead home to the hospital in Hammersmith in just fifteen minutes.

If that confirms many people’s notion that Jamie is something of the onanist, then so be it. Publish and be damned.

Jools makes no mention of Hurley, nor of the Hurley ovaries. And Hurley is just as hard to find in the Telegraph’s story on how Meg Nunn, the new minister for women, is, well, not Liz Hurley.

To our knowledge, Munn has never met Hurley, and did not feel inspired by the star of Bedazzled to launch a political career.

Indeed, so un-Hurley in Miss Munn, that she is working for no extra pay in her new post.

Munn, pictured celebrating her victory in the Commons v Lords tug-of-war, will not receive a minister’s salary because her boss, Tony Blair, has spent all his budget on his other ministers.

It is indeed odd that a woman who will stand up in the House and argue for women’s rights will be paid less than her peers.

Is this right? Would Liz stand for it? Well, would she..?’

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