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by | 16th, May 2005

‘DO you know who little kids at primary and secondary schools look up to?

”And when Saddam had a joint, he started to laugh, the children started to laugh, the flowers started to laugh…”

Yes, you at the back? Quite right. They do look up to anyone bigger than them. But, that’s not the answer we’re looking for. Anyone else..?

Yes, you, the young flamed-haired chap in the front. Are you awake? Oh, you were just yawning and stretching, you say.

Well, no matter. The answer, of course, is that the young, or at least 40% of the 500,000 polled, say they look up to Charles Kennedy.

The Telegraph reports on the “mock election”, the results of which are just in. And it’s over to Chris Rennard, the chief executive of the LibDems for some comment.

“This result is very encouraging and suggests that young people may be particularly angry about Labour’s introduction of tuition and top-up fees,” says he.

They might, and the ruling Labour Party did limp in third with 17% of the vote, behind the Tories on 24%.

It’s all very interesting. But do the LibDems really believe that the average 15-year-old gives a hoot about top-up fees, when a vote for the Yellows is a vote for decriminalised cannabis..?’

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