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Travellers’ Check

by | 16th, May 2005

‘IF you want to know how well this country is doing, you can forget house prices, inflation and the cost of a Bacardi Breezer and see how many of us are contracting malaria.

Made in the Gambia

If the prevalence of the tropical disease is taken as a guide to spending power and how good we feel about ourselves, we as a nation are doing very well indeed.

The Guardian reports that last year around 2,000 people returned to Britain carrying the toxic equivalent of the toy Spanish donkey.

And this cannot go on. So today sees the start of a national malaria awareness week.

This will feature an exhibition of mosquitoes at the Natural History Museum, advice on contracting the disease and how to make your friends and neighbours turn as yellow as you with envy as you show them slides of your to-die-for trip down the Amazon in an open canoe…’

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