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Making No Census

by | 17th, May 2005

‘IF you thought the Anorak poll was invasive, just wait until you get the 2011 census form slipped under your door in the dead of night.

A typical Englishman

The Times says that the Government’s questionnaire could ask people about their earnings, ordering them to provide details of their sources of income.

What’s more, this Government is also planning to ask us what visitors usually domiciled in England and Wales we’ve got over at our homes on census night.

This information is important because the men in bowler hats are mad keen to know about people who regularly spend time at different addresses, like children from broken homes, people who work away from home and Gordon Brown.

How this data will effect our standard of living is a question the Government may like to answer.

But we learn that it could have been yet worse, and only after deliberation was a question on our sexual orientation ruled out.

This was seen as a question too far. And, in any case, since all of us Brits are straight and true as a guardsman’s back, an utterly pointless one…’

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