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by | 17th, May 2005

‘IF the best way to look better is to be seen with people uglier than yourself, why did Donald Trump marry Melania?

Lagerfeld has a talent for making other people look good

Mrs Trump III is a good looking girl, blessed with hair that does little to flatter her husband’s intriguing mane. To deflect attention away for his locks, you’d have forgiven Trump for seeking out Burt Reynolds or Sean Connery for a mate.

But no. There he is alongside his statuesque new wife, and her hair, as the pair are spotted attending the Costume Institute’s annual fundraising gala at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Of course, Melania’s not complaining. Why should she? She might have had to sign a pre-nup, but she got to stand next to her man and look even more luxuriant, radiant and just-stepped-out-of-the-salon than ever.

Elsewhere, the man to be seen next to is – and always is – Karl Lagerfeld.

Looking like a cross between Michael Jackson and a Gerry Anderson puppet, the “legendary designer” is pictured in dark grey suit, with matching metal-style gloves and equally shiny black boots of the type favoured by more fashion-conscious members of the Gestapo.

One frame on and there’s Elle Macpherson, who “turned all heads” (away from the designer) in a fluorescent gown.

The rush to be seen with Trump’s hair and Lagerfeld’s ensemble must have caused a near riot, but young Allegra waited her turn with a rare composure.

You don’t get to be Donatella’s Versace’s daughter without knowing the easy way to look better: stand next to mum.

For the record, Donatella wears a design from her own label, hair by Miss Piggy and the kind of skin you usually see on a handbag.

But she is, is he not, wonderful, beautiful and delightful. Because, you see, only the very best people get a seat at table at this £3,000-per-head event.

The rest of us have to dine out on the pictures…’

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