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Baby Bluebloods

by | 17th, May 2005

‘IF we say Mary, Letizia, Mette-Marit, Maxima and Mathilde, what would you say in reply?

A princess

“Pardon”, indeed. Or rather, make that a “Royal pardon”, because the five lovelies are a handful of Europe’s crown princesses, and they are all pregnant.

It promises to be a busy time ahead as Spain, Denmark, Norway, Belgium and the Netherlands all prepare to say “Bonjour”, “Hola” and “Wotcha Cock” to the next generation of chinless wonders.

And it promises to be expensive, too. Especially for ardent Royalists such as we at Anorak Towers.

But the silver spoons have been bought, and we’re ready to welcome the new bluebloods.

And who knows, one of these new arrivals may just catch the eye of one of our dear princes in years to come.

In our dream, they will marry in splendour and create a couple of heirs, before splitting acrimoniously – he moving in with his aged mistress; she getting love wherever she can.

But that for later…’

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